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Aims and Activities of Holt Local History Society

The Society was founded 20 years ago in January 1992. Its aim is to promote the study of the history of Holt and the surrounding area. Members receive newsletters periodically throughout the year. The Society has working groups on various projects and has produced a Waymarked Village Trail Leaflet, available from village shops. Its contribution to the Millennium Celebration was a book entitled 'A Pictorial History of Holt'.

Holt Village
Holt is a border village (formerly town) in North Wales on the banks of the River Dee five miles east of Wrexham and seven miles south of Chester.

Historically, it has the
(i) remains of  a castle started in the reign of Edward I under the Lordship of John De Warenne
(ii) a stone Bridge across the Dee to England constructed started around 1338
(iii) St Chad's Church built in the late 13th century
(iv) the site of a  Roman Tileworks from the 1st Century AD and
(v) an involvement in the Civil War of 1642- to 1646.

Geologically, the river Dee is cited as possibly the most meandering river in the UK with the flood plains on a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also is a Special Area for Conservation.

It is in tribute to this rich history that Holt started its Local History Society.