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More and more people are interested in tracing their family history. There are many guides and sources of information available.
For particular information about Holt the following may be helpful:

All the original parish records are kept in the Church in Wales archives, but there are photocopies in the safe in the Church.
They are also displayed in Church on Gift Day at Rushbearing time and they are always much consulted by visitors.(The date is 7th August in 2011.)
The key to the safe is kept by the Church Wardens.

Unfortunately the 1841 census for Holt no longer exists and half of the 1861 census is also missing.

A number of registers are held in the Holt Local History Society (HLHS) archive cupboards in Holt School and are also available at Hawarden Record Office]. They are:
B "Holt Parish Registers: 2 books [3,6] on Marriages - 1661-1837
B "Holt Parish Registers: 4 books [1,2,4,5] on Baptisms and Burials - 1661-1812
Arrangements would need to be made through the HLHS for access.

It is also worth trying  the Records office at Hawarden and the A.N. Palmer Centre for Local Studies and Archives at Wrexham Museum.
"The Museum can help you answer these and other questions about your local history. Expert advice is available to help you make the most of our collection of censuses,
parish records, photographs, maps, documents and reference materials."

Chester Heritage Centre is another source as is the records office in Duke Street, Chester.

It's possible to search for burials in some cemeteries too. One of our readers has found details of her mother's sister's burial in Overleigh Cemetery, Handbridge - she died just before her first birthday in 1909.

Useful Websites

There is a whole section in the Census 2011 website devoted to tracing your family tree.
Click this link to view. is a site where you can view births, marriages & deaths as well  as view census images - the 1911 census is now online, but  can be an  expensive way to do searches.

The Clwyd Family History Society was founded in 1980 to encourage the study of genealogy and family history in north-east Wales. For more information to to their website at: Clwyd Family History Society

There are several free local Birth, Marriages and Deaths websites which can be found on-line.

Further Help

If anyone would like some help with tracing their family history, has useful contacts who may be able to assist. You can e-mail us through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it